IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

With decades of hotel experience, Convergent Services customizes each engagement to fit your particular needs

Design and Implementation Services

Convergent Services provides services to owners and operators interested in professional and highly customized IT solutions for their hotels and resorts. We provide turnkey solutions for the complete Low Voltage scope in new builds, as well as project specific services in new and existing hotels and resorts — working as an extension of your staff, supporting your needs.

Our background in both the hospitality and the IT industry enables us to communicate efficiently with all parties, thereby ensuring overall continuity in the project, and bridging the gap that sometimes exists between IT vendors and hotel operations.


Choosing Convergent Services to assist with your infrastructure design and management will help you accelerate your competitive advantage and produce positive guest and staff experiences for the long term.

In addition to providing a cost-effective solution, Convergent Services will design a cable plant that will allow your many years of service. With the right cable plant your hotel will be able to meet guest demands, today as well as tomorrow.


We all know communication is critical, both to guests and team members. We ensure seamless design and integration, allowing each person the ability to utilize the best method of communication at that particular time. By providing an overall strategy for the hotels communications needs, we are able to make the process simple and efficient.

Integrating software and hardware solutions with the proper infrastructure allows Convergent Services to provide you with a customized setup appropriate for your hotels needs.

Computer Systems (FOH, BOH)

The various applications deployed in the hotel is what guests and team members touch and feel in relation to IT. If the systems are well integrated they will enhance the experience, but also encourage greater usage; which will provide better information to management. Successful overall integration of the systems will enhance the operation of the hotel, providing additional functionality and a better guest and team member environment; as well as a more profitable operation.

Our systems design and implementation services ensures that your hotel will have a solution that fits your budget while providing the maximum benefit.

AV / Video

The visual and auditory sensory experiences in a hotel makes a significant difference in how we perceive a hotel's service. From TV picture quality in the room, to the back ground music in common areas make a difference; of course meeting space offerings must be in line with the overall perceived service level.

Convergent Services will guide you through the maze of High Definition offerings, as well as the trend of making the TV an "appliance" for many other hotel services. Option with Close Circuit TV and various hand held devices, and remote monitoring, is offering more access as well as flexibility for the security department. Digital Signage application are more integrated with the hotel services, allowing for interactive screens where guests can access any hotel service in a simple and cost effective way.

Carrier Services

As guest bandwidth demands increase, and new service offerings from carriers are more complex than ever; very few hotels/hotel companies have the experience to fully evaluate what is currently installed or what is available in the marketplace. We have yet to work with a hotel in which we could not reduce the cost, and/or significantly improve the bandwidth available.

Convergent Services therefore works for you, not the carrier — as completely carrier neutral your best solution is our only interest. We ensure that your hotel will have a solution that fits your short-term as well as long-term voice- and data communications needs.

Our services are always fee based, but if appropriate we can make our fee dependent on the potential cost savings we can show for the hotel; basically a "no-risk" option for the hotel.